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Soda Blast Cabinets

Soda is the ideal abrasive for cleaning and paint removal from automotive & aerospace components, moulds and other portable parts without damage.

These Glovebox cabinet systems are specially designed for the cleaning or depainting of objects with ARMEX® Soda abrasive.

Because of the softness and friability of soda it will disintegrate on impact without damage to or distortion of the substrate, the soda media can therefore only be used once and creates (in comparison with other media) a large volume of dust, these GloveBox unit are one of the few systems capable of working under these circumstances. The cabinet design and special filter & pre-separator unit guarantee good visibility inside the cabinet and long term problem free operation.

The blast nozzle is powered by a Microstrip machine with precise control of abrasive which ensures economic operation and aids visibility by reducing the dust inside the cabinet.


  • Available in standard sizes of 600, 800, 1000, 1200 & 1500mm
  • Specifically designed for use with Soda abrasive.
  • Large turntable for easy handling of objects.
  • Switchboard with clear controls and indicators of all system functions.
  • Renowned Microstrip power unit for the constant and precise delivery of the soda abrasive.
  • High efficiency pre-separator cyclone which takes out 95% of all used abrasive and dust, this increases the filter life long term.
  • Filter unit with large cartridge surface and automatic reverse air pulse cleaning, gauge for filter monitoring.
  • Waste hoppers fitted with butterfly valves and plastic waste bags for the simple disposal of used abrasive and dust.
  • Optional external trolley to allow turntable to be removed for loading of heavy items.
Soda Blast Cabinets

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