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Armex Soda Blasting Media

We supply Armex Soda Blasting Media and Blasting Abrasives across the UK

What makes ARMEX® the best baking soda abrasive?

While the idea for ARMEX® started with just plain baking soda, as the world's leader in bicarbonate technology ARM & HAMMER® formulated more than a dozen unique medias to specially meet industry surface preparation requirements.

ARMEX® Cleaning and Coating Removal Systems have become an effective, economical and environmentally superior method for cleaning, depainting and degreasing across the country, and around the world.

Why Baking Soda?

It's granular - suitable for use in pressure pots, cabinet systems and as an additive for pressure washer systems.

It's sharp - baking soda crystals delivered under relatively low pressure but at high velocity will scour virtually any coating from any substrate.

It's friable - meaning it fractures into smaller particles intensifying the cleaning action while softening the impact on substrates.

It's relatively soft - with a Moh's hardness of 2.5, it will not damage most substrates*

It's benign pH of 8.2 - provides a superior worker and environmental profile, before, during, and after use.

Water soluble

* Always do a test patch prior to general use to determine suitability

Baking Soda Crystals Magnified


Greater application versatility - uniform granulation in three sizes, from 70 microns, 170 microns, and 270 microns.

Over a dozen formulated products - to meet specific surface preparation needs.

Superior flowability - using two different moisture control systems to eliminate lumping.

Enhanced rinsability - using patented SupraKleen formulations essential for new coatings adhesion.

Exceptional cleaning capability - including the removal of grease, oil, and burnt-on carbon.

Total technical support - from the leaders in sodium bicarbonate cleaning technology.

ISO 9002 certification - the mark of consistent quality

Standard Formulas

  • Maintenance Formula
  • Maintenance w/SupraKleen™
  • Maintenance Formula XL
  • Maintenance XL w/SupraKleen

Premium Formulas - Superior Flowability

  • Flow Formula M
  • Flow Formula XL

Profile Formulas

  • Profile Formula XL
  • Profile Formula XL2 (available only as export)
  • Profile Formula XL2+
  • Turbine Formula

Specialty Formulas

  • Anilox Roll Cleaning
  • Composite
  • Electronics
  • HydroFlex™ Formula XL
Armex Products

The following images show various projects completed, using ARMEX®

Aerospace & Automotive

Aerospace & Automotive

Architecture Cleaning & Restoration

Architecture Cleaning & Restoration

Cast Mold Cleaning

Cast Mold Cleaning

Food & Beverage Processing

Food & Beverage Processing

Industrial Maintenance

Industrial Maintenance









Pulp And Paper

Pulp And Paper



ARMEX® is not just baking soda. It is a specially formulated sodium bicarbonate.


ARMEX® comes in 3 different particle sizes, simply put small, media and large.

  • The largest particle is about 270 microns and is used in all ARMEX® formulas that have "XL" in the name as in extra large; Maintenance XL, Maintenance XL with SupraKleen, HydroFlex XL, Flow XL and Profile XL. This large particle is excellent for coatings removal and heavy cleaning applications.
  • The next medium sized particle, is about 170 microns and is found in Maintenance Formula, Maintenance Formula with Suprakleen, and Flow M.
  • The smallest particles about 70 microns are found in Anilox Roll Cleaning Formula, Electronics, Composite, and Turbine Formulas.


One of two types of flow aids are used in ARMEX® formulations. Most contain MoistureGuard™ 2 which makes the media about two times more resistant to moisture than regular baking soda or other baking soda abrasives. Our advanced flow aid MoistureGuard™ 8 makes the media 8 times more resistant to moisture than regular baking soda or other baking soda abrasives. These flow aids are very important in a blasting operation to ensure that the media is running continuously and consistently through the orifice to the nozzle. Because the blast equipment runs on compressed air, clumping and clogging of media is a primary concern for blasting operations particularly when working in high humidity environments.


Aside from flow additives other ingredients in some formulas bring additional benefits. SupraKleen aids in rinsing. Any of the SupraKleen products should be used when removing coatings with the intention of reapplying a new coating. Rinsing following the use of a SupraKleen product assures you greater coatings adhesion.


The HyrdroFlex product contains a surfactant that works particularly well on greases and oils and was originally designed to be used with the pressure washer injection systems. Although it can be used equally well in air driven systems, the benefits are evident as long as water is employed during or after the process.


Flow formulas contain MoistureGuard™ 8 and are the products to use in high humidity areas, where compressed air may be wetter than usual and cause clumping and clogging of the media. While flow formulas can remain dry even in water, following blasting the moisture resistant barrier is broken and the waste media is fully water soluble. MoistureGuard™ 8 is also found in Anilox Roll Cleaning Formula, Composite Formula and Electronics Formula.


ARMEX® is an extremely versatile abrasive that can be used on the toughest of coatings and the most sensitive of surfaces. Think of ARMEX® first when you're concerned with any of the following:

  • Substrate Preservation

    ARMEX® is soft, only 2.5 on the Moh's hardness scale. When used correctly it will not wear even the most sensitive surface. For example it will not etch glass. This attribute makes it excellent for cleaning critical components with machined tolerances or detailed contours that must be maintained. ARMEX® can be used without damage or distortion to most ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Architectural surfaces can also be preserved with little or no erosion to mortar joints or surface materials, be it natural stone, brick, block or wood. Additionally ARMEX® can be used safely around pumps, seals, bearings, even rotating equipment without causing damage.

Paint and corrosion removed from electric pump with ceramic seal and glass oil level indicator

Paint and corrosion removed from electric pump with ceramic seal and glass oil level indicator

Overspray removed from pressure gauge and valve

Overspray removed from pressure gauge and valve

  • One Pass Media

    ARMEX® is a one pass media, meaning you can only use it once. It is not recycleable. This is a direct result of how ARMEX® works. Rather than wearing away the paint, soil or contaminate to be removed like other abrasives, the ARMEX® particle is extremely friable. It hits a surface, shatters upon impact transferring all its energy at that moment. The shattered fractions of the particle sheer away the unwanted coating. All of the energy is dissipated and the media is reduced to dust. This pulverization results at any pressure whether you're blasting at 10 psi or 110 psi. Because recommended soda systems run very lean, no material is wasted and every particle does some work.


  • Eliminate Pre-wash

    The benefit of a one pass media is two fold. First because you do not have to worry about keeping media clean for reuse. You can actually put rather dirty, greasy or oily parts directly into a cabinet system using ARMEX® and eliminate the pre-wash step. Degrease, clean even depaint in one step. Additionally you never run the risk of re-introducing contaminated material to the work piece. The media you use is always fresh and new.

  • Eliminate Post Cleaning

    The friability and water solubility of ARMEX® allows for complete rinsing of the part. Particles can be rinsed from critical passageways and tight throughways. This also frequently eliminates the need for some disassembly, or masking, and therefore reassembly or masking removal, saving yet another step.

Carbon, grease and oil removed from pistons Carbon, grease and oil removed from pistons
  • NDT/NDI Testing and Inspection

    Combining the previous attributes of softness, friability and water solubility ARMEX® causes no pitting, peening, or crack closure on the surface, cleaning and rinsing so thoroughly that it is an excellent prep method for any type of physical inspection method.

  • Waste Minimization

    Not only can ARMEX® help to eliminate costly steps and chemical use, but the low flow rates used by recommended equipment greatly minimizes waste volume.

  • Waste Disposal

    The benign nature of ARMEX minimizes waste disposal concerns. All waste disposal requirements are dictated primarily by the volume and content of the coating removed. Hazardous coatings may require special handling. Having been tested, benign dry waste, including spent ARMEX®, can be disposed of as non-hazardous industrial waste. Partially solubilized non-hazardous waste can be further solubilized and filtered for disposal.

  • Worker Safety and Environmental Concerns

    ARMEX® is completely non-toxic and non-hazardous (per EPA and OSHA regulations). It is also approved by the USDA as an A-1 Cleaner for use in food processing facilities or FDA regulated facilities.

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