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Soda Blasting

Soda Blasting Features

Soda blasting is an effective method of cleaning and paint removal without damage or distortion on a variety of surfaces including metal, wood, GRP, stone and even glass. It is excellent at removing oil, grease, carbon and paint in one operation without contamination risk.


  • Soda can remove paint, oil, grease, carbon & dirt in one operation with no pre-cleaning required.
  • ARMEX soda abrasive is soft and friable, therefore it will not damage bearings, seals, or other moving components like hard abrasives will. It can be used safely around hydraulics, pipework and valves etc. and it will leave anodised coatings intact.
  • Armex is 100% water soluble so there will be no contamination of drillings and oilways in, for example engine & gearbox parts.
  • Quickly exposes surfaces for non-destructive inspection and testing, with no metal removal or crack closure
  • ARMEX formulations are non-flammable and non-sparking and can be used in hazardous duty areas, they are also food safe so ideal for cleaning in food processing applications.
  • Soda abrasive provides a superior worker and environmental safety profile compared with solvents, caustic chemicals, high pressure water and sandblasting. The abrasive contains no free silica.
  • ARMEX is not just baking soda. It is a specially formulated sodium bicarbonate abrasive designed for blasting.
  • The protective additives in ARMEX eliminate clumping and clogging issues and are essential for uninterrupted operation, especially in high humidity environments.
  • For cost-effective and efficient use, the specially designed Microstrip machine is recommended.

Soda blasting – The facts! Frequently asked questions about soda blasting.

Armex Soda Soda Blasting

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