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Manufacturing & Remanufacturing

Armex® soda is widely used within these industries for cleaning process equipment, it is particularly suited to cleaning moulds where it can remove debris without damage retaining mould detail.

Microstrip & BlastMate machines are suitable for use with a range of abrasives cleaning manufacturing equipment including presses and print rolls.

Our cabinet systems are ideal for engine remanufacture when used with Armex soda for cleaning cylinder heads, casings, steering racks, hydraulics and other components without damage and with no pre-cleaning required.

Cosworth Head; Before and After

Cosworth Head; Before and After

Calliper; Before and After

Calliper; Before and After

Rail Bogie; Before and After

Rail Bogie; Before and After

Mold; Before and After

Mold; Before and After

Mold Cleaning

Benefits: Achieve thorough cleaning on a variety of surfaces removing release residues, carbon, and other soils while maintaining substrate integrity including textured surfaces and critical tolerances. Even cleans vent holes and screens. It is possible to clean hot molds saving valuable time.

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