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Industrial Maintenance

Armex® soda is an excellent cleaner of oil, grease and tar making it an excellent cleaner for use on industrial equipment, it is non-sparking so safe in hazardous areas and will not damage machinery, as a soluble abrasive it poses less disposal problems than chemicals. As a food product it is an ideal cleaner for use in food production areas cleaning fat and food residues. Typically used wet or dry through a Microstrip machine.

Our fine hard abrasives are ideal for stripping paint, rust and for surface preparation in areas where the dust and waste of conventional blasting would be a hazard, our Restofine abrasives used though a BlastMate machine can clean to SA2.5 with a good profile using up to 50% less abrasive. The precise control of these systems is well suited to NDT preparation and blast cleaning of ageing substrates where less metal removal is desirable.

Food / Beverage

Benefits: USDA approved for use as an A1 cleaner in food processing facilities. Made with food grade materials having a GRAS affirmation (Generally Recognized As Safe). Water soluble.

Petrochemical / Chemical

Benefits: Clean or depaint storage tanks, piping, motors, pumps and around rotating equipment. Non-sparking, noncombustible, no pitting or peening on metal surfaces. Excellent for NDT/NDI.

Access Platform; Before and After

Access Platform; Before Access Platform; After

Pump; Before and After

Pump; Before Pump; After

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