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Blast Equipment European Regulations

The Pressure Equipment Directive PED has been implemented in the UK by the Pressure Equipment Regulations 1999.
Employers and operators have a legal responsibility to ensure the equipment they use meets current regulations

Blastpots need to comply to the European Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU also known as the PED. Often is thought that just the pressure vessel of the machine should comply with these rules but… this is not correct… the complete assembly should comply!

The maximum operating pressure (Ps) times the volume (V) determine if the machine is placed in:

  • Category I (Ps x V ≤ 200) for our 18 litres models
  • Category II (Ps x V ≤ 1000) for our 40, 60 and 100 models
  • Category III (Ps x V ≤ 3000) for our 200 litre models

Different modules can be used to obey the rules of the PED. The modules for category II and III always require some sort of approval by a notified body. This is a semi-official or private technical organisation appointed by Member States, either for approval and monitoring of quality assurance systems or for direct product inspections.

Soda blast systems soda blast equipment  certificates

We use module B + C1 for all of our machines. This module is applicable from category III and can consequently also be used for category I and II.

The B stands for "EC type-examination". All our machines in their different executions and with their possible options are approved under number: 08-PED-ROT-B-08.4350-01

The C1 stands for "conformity to type". This means that our machines can unexpectedly be checked by a notified body to verify if they comply with the given type approval. The number for module C1 in 2009 is: 46056680.

The machines are delivered with a CE certificate of conformity for the complete assembly. This carries the model type, serial number, the modules and the respective numbers and the address details of the notifying body.

In our case the inspections of B + C1 are carried out by DNV (Det Norske Veritas) Certification BV. Each notified body has an identification number and DNV has number 0427. (Check here).

This number must also be put on the machine plate in relation to the complete assembly. With the module and identification numbers, the validity of the certificate can be checked.

So please remember, not just the vessel needs approval but the complete assembly!

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