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Blastpots: Mobile Soda Blast Systems


The Mobile40 is a self-contained mobile blast system and represents the ultimate in mobile precision blasting technology. Designed for wet " dry blasting with soda and other fine abrasives, it can operate in remote areas with blast hose lengths up to 60 metres, for hard to reach areas the blast machine is demountable allowing it to be taken closer to the job.

The Mobile 40 features an Ingersoll-rand 140cfm diesel air compressor, centre mounted water tank and rear mounted blast equipment enclosure with rear doors that can be closed during operation for security and to allow use even in poor weather. The blast equipment enclosure houses either a Microstrip 40 or BlastMate 40 blast system, plus an air powered aftercooler with separator & filters. The blast machine is fitted with an air powered water pump to allow independent wet blasting; water is drawn from the centre mounted tank which maintains trailer weight distribution regardless of the water level.

The system is mounted on a twin axle, fully galvanised highway tow chassis, with overrun brakes, full lights and 50mmball hitch. This unit is fully EU legal.


  • Self-contained Mobile system can be towed with a pick-up or 4x4 which removes the need for a van.
  • Suitable for use with soda and fine hard abrasives making it an ideal blasting contractor machine.
  • Capable of independent wet & dry blasting.
  • Water cooled air compressor for quiet operation.
  • Precise metering of abrasive and control of blast pressure for accurate results.
  • Variety of nozzles available including round, fan and Vortex.
  • Fully secure with lockable doors, covers and tow hitch.
  • Demountable blast system for use where access is difficult.
  • Can be painted in corporate colours.

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Blastpot: Mobile Soda Blast Systems

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