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Automotive & Aerospace

Armex® soda is used extensively in automotive and aerospace industries for paint removal and cleaning of oil, grease & carbon. As a "soft" abrasive it will not damage bearings or sealing faces making it safe for use on all types of mechanical components, it is soluble so there is no contamination risk and Armex will not damage anodised coatings. Typically used dry through a Microstrip cabinet system.

For stripping of vehicle body shells, our Restofine range of fine hard abrasives are ideal, typically used through a Microstrip or BlastMate machine they can remove paint & rust fast with no distortion leaving a fine etch ready for repaint.

Cosworth Head; Before and After

Cosworth Head; Before and After

Car body; Before and After

Car body; Before and After

Aerospace & Automotive

Benefits: Reduce cycle time by eliminating pre-wash, clean, degrease, depaint in one step. Water solubility allows for complete rinsing, minimizing media lodging concerns. No pitting or peening on the surface easily prepares metals for FPI testing. No substrate damage or distortion, even leaves hard anodized coating intact.

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