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Aftercoolers Features

Aftercoolers provide dry compressed air to prevent blockages in the blastpot for reliable continuous abrasive flow, dry air also contributes to less breakdowns and repairs of your equipment.

The only way to get moisture out of compressed air is to cool it off first! An aftercooler cools the compressed air to approximately 9°C above ambient temperature where it can then be removed by the centrifugal separator which is part of the aftercooler, oil and other contaminants are then also removed by second stage filters.

Our aftercoolers are generally supplied air powered so they can be used anywhere in conjunction with a mobile compressor, for a stationary setup the aftercooler can also be delivered powered by 230V or 415V electric motor to save on the compressed air consumption.


  • Full model range with capacities from 2m3/min to 25m3/min (70 – 900 cfm).
  • Compact design with easily accessible drains for simple installation.
  • Pneumatic powered for mobile use or electrically powered for static installation.
  • Additional filters to remove oil & other contamination.
  • Large pipework for minimal pressure drop.
  • High quality heat exchanger with copper tubes & alloy fins.
  • Eliminates 80 – 90% of moisture to blast machine for reliable abrasive flow and reduced maintenance.
  • Optional transport frames available for ease of mobility.
  • Combi-frames for mounting together with blast machine..

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