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Armex Soda Blasting Formulas & Restofine Hard Abrasives

Armex Soda Formulas

Maintenance – A plain soda formula with average crystal size of 170 microns, free flowing with moisture resistant properties. Generally used for cleaning without damage, typical applications include; cleaning of engine and other machinery components, smoke residues and fire damage, food machinery, printing equipment and anilox rolls, gentle cleaning of limestone and marble. Suitable for removing oils, greases, fat, carbon, tar etc. being a soluble abrasive it will rinse clear without contamination.

Maintenance XL – As above but with a larger crystal size of 250 microns, general used for heavier cleaning and paint removal, Suitable for removing oil, dirt and paint in one operation without substrate damage. Typical applications include paint removal from vehicles, aluminium, machinery, near glass, graffiti removal etc.

Profile Formula XL/S – A combination of XL grade soda with 10% hard abrasive content, used for applications where heavier coatings or light rust are to be removed.

Armex Soda Formulas

Precision Hard Abrasives

Restofine-G 200 & G500 – Fine recycled glass abrasives with a close size range of 0.10 – 0.20mm (G200) or 0.2-0.5mm (G500) and good flow properties suitable for use through precision equipment with low consumption. Designed for precision cleaning and paint removal, capable of rust removal and leaves a fine profile on steel ideal for repaint.

Ideal for use in architectural and timber restoration at low pressure either wet or dry, typical applications also include stripping steel vehicle bodies, paint removal from aluminium, marine anti-foul removal, paint removal for NDT inspection or from areas where minimum metal removal is required.

Restofine 10/25 & 25/50 – Fine synthetic aluminium-silicate abrasives with a size range of 0.10 - 0.25mm and 0.25 – 0.50mm, designed for paint removal where a larger profile or faster speed is required and for heavy cleaning. Suitable for paint removal from architectural substrates at low pressure, also used for paint stripping on steel vehicle bodywork & chassis, gates, railings and general steelwork with minimum metal removal.

Precision Hard Abrasives

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