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Bulk Blaster

Versatile, high production blasting equipment

No loss of time, abrasives and/or compressed air is achieved because the vessel gets pressurized frst after flling so the abrasive is ‘on full speed’ the moment the blasting procedure starts. Simplifed fast and repetitive abrasive flling by means of the hopper on top of the large 500 litre tank. The capacity can be improved even further placing the pot under a silo or ft the machine with a framework containing abrasive big-bags. When ftted with ‘Independently controlled multiple abrasive outlets' the Bulk Series is well suited for use with two or three blaster or in/as (semi) automatic systems.

Powerful Benefits

  • Easy flling with the flling hopper and self closing bronze flling cone
  • Fast decompression by the two decompression valves with double silencers
  • Reduced dust by wet/vapour blasting possibilities

Environmentally Friendly

  • Less energy needed to attain the required blasting pressure
  • Reduced waste and environmen- tal pollution (dust) because of precise abrasive metering
  • Less compressed air consumption means less compressor energy and CO2

Better Blasting Value

  • Accurate metering valve for less use of abrasives and dust production
  • (Spare) parts can be easily removed for quick maintenance
  • No pressure drop because of large pipework
  • Independently controlled, multiple abrasive outlet possibilities

Quality Includes

  • Wear resistant metering valve handles all abrasives (also steel grits, fne aluminum oxide, etc.)
  • Wear discs in decompression valves for extended maintenance intervals
  • Spray painted, galvanized and non-ferrous fttings
  • Completely safe according to European Directive 2014/68/EU

Please click here to download the full product specification.

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Bulk Blaster Bulk Blaster

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